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 PSI is committed to providing quality licensing services for the New Mexico Construction Industries Division.

 Our license processing center is located at:

2820 Broadbent Pkwy NE,
Suite E&F

Our Office and Telephone Hours:
Monday: 8am to 5pm MST
Tuesday: 8am to 7pm MST
Wednesday: 8am to 5pm MST
Thursday: 8am to 7pm MST
Friday: 8am to 5pm MST
Saturday: 8am to Noon MST
Sunday: Closed

Our Telephone Number: (877) 663-9267
Our Fax Number: (505) 433-5266


Before contacting PSI, please note:
If you have questions about, or you would like to schedule your examination, please visit our examination website:
PSI Examination Web Site
For matters concerning permits and other post licensing concerns, please contact the New Mexico Construction Industries Division:
Construction Industries Division Web Site

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